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Live Workshops

Live Workshops for Parents, Families, and Educators

While children respond well to in-clinic therapy, we are proud to offer a variety of live workshops for parents, families, and educators, to help continue the therapy children are receiving at ABC Solutions in their home and community. 

When children receive the same guidance, direction, and support from all of the adults in their lives, they learn more quickly which behaviours are appropriate and which ones they should leave behind.

Available Workshops

We offer a variety of live workshops, so you can choose the one best suited for your and your child’s needs:

  1. Parent Workshop Series
  2. Positive Solutions for Families
  3. Educator Workshops

Continue reading for more information on our various live workshops.
Contact us,  and we would be happy to build a package based on your needs.

Parent Workshop Series

Developing Awareness, Communication, and Independence

As you know, being a parent isn’t easy. Whether you have a child with special needs or behavioural issues that interrupt your home, family, or school environments, our training options can help you.

In these courses, we aim to promote awareness, communication, and independence, and to empower parents by providing them with the practical tools necessary to help them interact more successfully with their children and to improve the quality of life for the family unit as a whole.

We offer a wide variety of courses developed in-house by our therapists, including:

  1. Integrating students with special needs in a regular classroom
  2. Anxiety & emotional regulation in the home
  3. Managing problematic behaviours in the home
  4. Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and developmental disabilities
  5. Promoting communication
  6. A practical introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  7. Encouraging cooperative behaviour
  8. Increasing play and language skills in children
  9. Toilet training
  10. Promoting sleep through bedtime routine

Positive Solutions For Families

A Workshop That Simply Works

Positive Solutions for Families is a workshop for parents and caregivers of young children based on The Pyramid Model, an evidence-based approach used in Early Childhood Education Centers. In this workshop, we teach parents and caregivers positive parenting behaviours and skills to help promote their children’s development (both socially and emotionally).

Parents leave this course with the skills and strategies needed to ensure children receive consistent messaging from all adults, whether in our clinic, with daycare providers, or at home.

In this course, parents will:

  • Learn how to identify different behaviours and accurately determine the meaning of the behaviour
  • Learn positive parenting techniques that help to manage challenging behaviours
  • Learn prevention strategies and how to set up successful routines and transitions
  • Strengthen their parenting practices with social-emotional learning
  • Become connected to a new community of other parents and caregivers to share both the struggles and the joys of parenthood with.

Educator Workshops

If you are a classroom teacher, whether in a regular classroom setting or an integrative setting, these training programs are for you! These group training sessions will teach you strategies that will help foster appropriate classroom behaviour among your students. You will also be introduced to new strategies to help your students persevere. Courses include:

  • Developmental Red Flags and the Importance of Early Detection
  • Re-Defining the Educators’ Perspective of Children
  • Pyramid Model Training
  • The CLASS Measure: An overview
  • The Importance of Social Skills in the ECE Classroom
  • Preschool Readiness Skills
  • Prevent-Teach- Reinforce: Tools for your Classroom
  • Integrating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities into an Inclusive Classroom