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Our Approach

About ABC Solutions

Meeting at the Corner of Science and Care

ABC Solutions is built on two guiding principles. First, to take a scientific approach that focuses on delivering effective real-world solutions. And, second, to educate, assist, and care about the lives we touch as parents and caregivers ourselves.

Our Core Principles

Our practice is built on the philosophies of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which focuses on understanding human behaviour and how it is affected by the environment.

ABA is a scientifically validated approach based on the theory that a behaviour can be increased or decreased depending on the consequences it receives.

ABA focuses on increasing functional behaviours essential to all individuals to achieve their full potential. Functional behaviours include communication, social skills, play, academic, and self-help skills.

Although ABA has become most popular as a treatment for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the principles of ABA can be applied to any individual who wants to improve their behaviour.

By using positive reinforcement strategies and rewarding desired behaviours, our approaches have proven to be effective in helping children make gains in many pivotal areas of their development.

We use a naturalistic approach and strive to create a fun work environment where children are motivated and eager to learn.

Family First

But while we base our approach on these guiding principles, we look at each case individually, with concern for the function and freedom of families. As parents ourselves, we completely understand the importance of creating a cohesive family environment. And what we want you – the children and parents whose lives we touch – to know is that we are here for you always.

And the professionals we train understand the power of this promise too.