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Integration Aide Services

Always Where You Need Us Most

Some children require extra support onsite, and at ABC Solutions, our integration aides are available to help children where they need us most.

What is an integration aide?

An integration aide is a trained paraprofessional who integrates children in their school, daycare, or community programs to ensure they can follow routines, and encourage autonomy and participation while appropriately socializing with peers. Teaching children skills and strategies for interacting with peers is a pivotal part of our approach.

Why does this work?

Using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, our integration aides support the child when needed, and allow the child to shine where they are most able. Over time, the moments where your child will shine will far outweigh the moments where they require support – because your child will be given hands-on support and learn how to handle the tricky nuances of a learning environment. At the same time, the educators and teachers will be given tools to support the child.

Remember, an integration aide is not forever. Our goal is to help children develop the skills needed so that eventually they become fully independent.