Verbal Behavior Training

Verbal Behavior Training (VB) $350
The verbal behavior approach to teaching language to children with autism is based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of language and is widely used when teaching early learners. The Verbal Behavior approach to teaching language is based on identifying the function of a child’s communication and teaching based on the function. If you are a practitioner teaching young children to communicate, this training will definitely help you to better understand why children communicate and to be more of an effective teacher. These trainings courses will cover the VB-MAPP, which is a Language and Social Skills assessment program and curriculum and will focus on language training and how to increase social interactions. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Verbal Behavior
  • Teaching Verbal Imitation/Echoics
  • Instructional Control
  • Intensive Trial Teaching
  • Motor Imitation/Mimetic behavior
  • Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
  • Receptive Language/Listener Responding
  • Expressive language/Tacts
  • Mand Training
  • Graphing and progress evaluation


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